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Cristhiam Quiroga

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Founder & CEO of CMI

Everithing has a beginning

From a small seed and a lot of dedication you can obtain over time, a large tree that has good fruits. Everything good in life has a beginning no matter how small. That is how in 2010 the idea of forming a charity organization. It was impossible to see the faces of these children, and not to take action upon returning to our homes without telling the world that they need us.

For Cristhiam, the passion for missions was something that emerged with the knowledge of other charities, which inspired him to make the decision to work on this cause. Years later on a mission trip, along with one of his companions, they said: "It is impossible to return home and not work fully in this mission."

At CMI, he leads the team in general, encouraging others to work for the disadvantaged, and seeking support for our mission. His youngest son died, which led him to consider spending as much time as possible, in bringing hope to other children and their communities.


Created to serve

We are called to serve the most disadvantaged, not only providing the material, but also giving a message of love and hope. I have always been passionate about working with children, I think it has been my greatest gift. By sharing with CMI volunteers on my first missionary trip to native communities, it has been the most rewarding experience to be able to make

a difference in the lives of these people.

Working with children is nothing new for Yeni Quiroga. She has spent several years of her life working in the children's department of the church. Working in the mission field has been "the most rewarding experience," she says, being able to see those faces of happiness in those children.

In addition to supporting her husband in everything that concerns CMI, Yeni is part of the international team that operates in Santa Marta, Colombia. Like her husband, after the death of her son, she feels committed to moving forward on this mission.


Yeni Quiroga

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Founder & Vice President of CMI


Alek Souza

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Co-Founder & Vice President of CMI

We are called to be light

We must project ourselves to be light that penetrates through the darkness and others will see and also want to project that light. It was great to see the excitement those children felt when we had the opportunity to share in the programs that were prepared for them. In his eyes that light was reflected and that joy for which we motivated each day to move forward, working

for the most needy.

For Alek Souza, one of the greatest moments of his life was his first mission trip. The experience gained in the Navajo reserve, helped him to have a different perspective on life and made him see all the things he should appreciate more.

In 2017, after participating in that experience as a missionary volunteer, Alek agreed to join CMI and is one of the leaders of the team nationwide. Like Cristhiam, both work by encouraging others to work on this cause, as well as seeking the necessary support to continue bringing hope to those most in need.


Mark the difference

Helping the needy activate your generosity, you feel your heart to give and you make a big difference for others. The emotions obtained in this missionary journey are indescribable, in which I was able to share my talents with the children, as well as the leaders of this project. When the practicality of Jesus’ love is conveyed, that opens the door to a personal relationship with Him, which is what the whole point of our being in there

in the first place was.

For Xavier Moss, the experience of sharing with these little children leaves him a lot to learn. Being able to contribute a grain of sand to this cause, allows me to make a difference in a society full of problems and great needs.

Like Alek and Cristhiam, after participating in tremendous experience in the Navajo reserve, Xavier joins our CMI team in mid-2019. With his charisma, love for neighbor, delivery, and his passion for the arts, Xavier will play a good role as one of those who will lead in our team nationwide.


Xavier Moss

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Director of CMI



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Navajo Community, Red Meza, Arizona, USA

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