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Children Mission International thanks in advance for the commitment and collaboration of our sponsors, which make our organization continue its legacy. Sponsoring a child gives him the opportunity to grow up healthy, polite and safe, forever changing the course of his life and his future. And you may discover that that also changes you.

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At CMI we are looking for people or entities that want to be part of our sponsors, it is a way to connect a compassionate person (like you!) With a child in need. Be part of this noble cause, become one of our sponsors, joining our team.

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Together we work to improve the quality of life for many disadvantaged children and their communities.

At Children Mission

International we have a story to tell, that's why we invite you to meet us.

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Navajo Community, Red Meza, Arizona, USA

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Make a difference in the life of a child and their communities, joining in this noble cause, supporting us with unique or monthly donations.

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We would love you to share the experiences that you live by being part of the change in a child's life. Join and be part of our great CMI team.

be our voice

United in one voice, together we will make possible a change in the lives of these children. Share our message of love and hope with other people.


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Children Mission International is a 501 (c) (3) organization and contributions are deductible from US federal income taxes.

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